Trademark protection for your business identity – Name, Logo, Slogan

Your business name, logos and slogans are important assets. Trademarks are a key way of protecting these assets that essentially identify and define your business to your customers and to the marketplace.

What is a trademark?
A trademark can be a word, name, design, logo, slogan, sound, or packaging that identifies and distinguishes your goods or services from those of your competitors.

Trademarks may be registered or unregistered. There are clear advantages to registering your trademark with the Canadian Trademarks Register.

What are the advantages of registering a trademark?
A registered trademark is registered on the Trademarks Register and doing this brings a number of strategic advantages:

  • exclusive right to use the trademark across Canada for 15 years which can be renewed
  • puts others on notice that you own the trademark and can act as a deterrent to others from applying for or using the same or similar mark
  • is a valuable asset in expanding your business through licensing
  • other enforcement and defensive advantages in court

In contrast, unregistered trademarks do not have the above advantages. An unregistered trademark arises through your use of the trademark over time and creating a reputation in that trademark.

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