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Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Community Advocacy


Honors Bachelor degree, University of Toronto
Juris Doctor, University of Manitoba


Law Firm Name: Rashidy & Associates
Phone Number: 905-361-9791
Fax Number: 1-866-778-6369
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Mohamed El Rashidy

Barrister & Solicitor

Mohamed El Rashidy is fluent in French, English and Arabic with vast experience in the field of advocacy since 2001. He began working as a legal representative starting in 2004, conducting trials and appeals related to motor vehicle accidents, real estate, small claims court and criminal court (summary). Now as a lawyer, his current practice focuses on Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Real Estate and Community Advocacy.

Mohamed obtained his Honors Bachelor degree from the University of Toronto and his Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba. While in law school, he was selected as a representative of his law school at the Davies Annual Corporate Law Moot where he placed as one of the top oralists. He studied law abroad in multiple programs and countries and competed in the United States as a moot trial champion, then he summered and articled at a prominent full service Bay Street firm.

Mohamed is a passionate volunteer with national organizations which focus on human rights and civil liberties. He held several leadership positions over the past decade that enabled him to advocate for vulnerable communities and individuals throughout Canada. His creative approach to his work have lead to great success both in and out of courtrooms. Mohamed has worked on cases that were before the Provincial and Superior courts in Ontario, Ontario Court of Appeal, the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. He was also a regular analyst on CBC’s Power and Politics for over five years and appears frequently on other television and radio shows.

He is an avid fitness and sports fan with particular emphasis on soccer which culminated in his naming his son after his favorite soccer player.

  • Canadian bar association
  • American Bar Association
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Manitoba Bar Association
  • Ontario Soccer Association
  • The Advocates’ Society
  • Canadian Muslim Lawyer Association (CMLA)
  • ACLA
  • Canadian Arab Federation (CAF)


  • Everything is Political: Radicalization – Tasha Kheiriddin and a Panel with Rabia Khedr, spokesperson for the Federation of Muslim Women and executive director of the Muslim Council of Peel, Imam Syed Soharwardy of the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Assembly and Mohamed El Rashidy a human rights and civil liberties activist and lawyer weigh in on antiradicalization efforts in Canada in light of a 16 year old Montreal teen who was sentenced to three years for planning to join ISIS in Syria.
  • Everything is Political: Donald Trump Comments – Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump proposes to ban Muslims from entering the United States in the wake of the San Bernadino mass shooting. Evan Solomon discusses the development with Rabia Khedr and Mohamed El Rashidy.
  • Everything is Political: On Russia in Syria – Russian sends warplanes and begins bombing in Syria. What is happening and what could this lead to? Evan Solomon and Clifford May along with Mohamed El Rashidy discuss geopolitical implications. “Syrian civil war worst case scenario coming to fruition…it has become an incubator for monsters.”
  • Everything is Political: Mohamed El Rashidy & Ambassador J. Kinsman – Discussion post Munk Debate on Canada’s first foreign policy debate. Ambassador Jeremy Kinsman and Mohamed El Rashidy discuss the issues including Canada’s role in the world and policies at home which include ‘dog whistle politics’.
  • Everything is Political: Mohamed El Rashidy & Scott Gilmore – Reflection on the Federal Election in Canada on September 28, 2015 as the ‘foreign policy’ debate takes place within an hour. Predebate discussion deals with ‘Dog Whistle’ politics, the niqab, economy, Canada’s role on the international stage, in the U.N., Quebec, Peacekeepers vs Warrior nation.
  • Mohamed El Rashidy on the Egyptian popular revolution – The Train’s Denis Rancourt interviewed Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) director Mohamed El Rashidy about the recent and ongoing Egyptian popular revolution. Mohamed is Egyptian born and has an intimate and connected perspective on the recent events in Egypt, like few other commentators. The analysis covered the psychology of liberation, police state structure, the role of electronic communications, the class structure of the revolt, the conditions of dignity deprivation, the role of the army, and much more.


  • CTV News: Impact of Hate Crimes, Canada Responds United – CTV’s Todd Van der Heyden and CAF’s legal advisor Mohamed El Rashidy discuss the spike in hate crimes across Canada. The impact it had on the Muslim community, the response by the community along with the rest of Canadians.
  • Le telejournal La FCA dénonce les attaques islamophobes – Le telejournal La FCA dénonce les attaques islamophobes et invite les canadiens à éviter de tourner le dos aux réfugiés Mohamed El Rashidy & Mohamed Boudjenane.
  • Canada accepting Syrian refugees not asylum seekers like Europe – Link 1 & Link 2 – Antiracism groups condemn alarming rise of hate crimes in a press conference AT queen’s park the press conference was sponsored by MPP Jagmeet Singh; the groups are the African Legal Clinic, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants, the Canadian Arab Federation. The events in Paris are being used to scare canadians about the arrival of Syrian refugees. This short clip of the 1.5 hr press conference dispels those fears.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: On Syrian Refugee Crisis – CBC’s Rosemary Barton and Mohamed El Rashidy of the Canadian Arab Federation and Faisal Alazem of the Syrian Canadian Council discuss the obstacles to Syrian refugees coming to Canada.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: On ISIS & Jordan execution video – CBC’s Evan Solomon with former Canadian Ambassador M. Bell and Mohamed El Rashidy discuss the horrific execution of Jordanian pilot by Isis. The impact the video will have on Jordan, allies and the war on Isis are discussed along with Isis’ strategy and goals it aims to achieve with such savagery.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: on Journalist in Egypt and Saudi Flog – CBC’s Evan Solomon, Bessma Momani, senior fellow and associate professor at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and the University of Waterloo and Mohamed El Rashidy of the CAF, discuss Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s visit to Egypt to deal with jailed Egyptian Canadian Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy. The Saudi flogging of a blogger in light of the Charlie Hebdo shootings also discussed.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: on Islamization of Europe and Islamophobia – CBC’s Evan Solomon, bestselling author and commentator Mark Steyn and the director of the Canadian Arab Federation, Mohamed El Rashidy, debate satirical commentary and religious sensitivity on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics in light of the Charlie Hebdo shootings.
  • CBC’s Power Politics: on Paris Shootings – Evan Solomon with Professor Thomas Juneau and Mohamed El Rashidy on the Paris shootings at Charlie Hebdo. The implications of the attacks and the security questions they raise are discussed.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: What will Obama say and do about ISIS? – Evan Solomon, Colin Robertson, former diplomat and Senior Research Fellow at the Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute along with Mohamed El Rashidy discuss what Obama’s options are to deal with ISIS before his widely anticipated speech laying out a strategy to deal with ISIS, ISIL, Da’eesh.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: on Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza – Evan Solomon, President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy and Mohamed El Rashidy discuss the conflict in and around Gaza and the killings of Civilians and use of human shields.
  • CBC’s The National: Harper’s Large Delegation to Israel Scrutinized – CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge: Does Stephen Harper’s delegation of over 200 Canadians reflect Canadian society and its values?
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: on Harper Historic Speech to Knesset – Evan Solomon, Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs Prof. Janice Stein and Mohamed El Rashidy discuss Harper’s speech to the Israeli Knesset. MK Tibi and former Knesset speaker Rivlin also give input on the speech and the Arab MK’s walk out in protest.
  • CTV: Mohamed El Rashidy of CAF on new Harper ambassador to Israel – Harper continues change in Canadian foreign policy with new appointment for Canadian ambassador to Israel.
  • CTV: on Harper trip, Israel, Settlements – Robert Fife questions Minister Chris Alexander about Harper’s policies regarding the Middle East and if Canada has changed its opposition to Settlements which the US calls ‘an obstacle to peace’.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: Canada vote at UN against Palestinian Statehood – Canada’s former ambassador to the United Nations Paul Heinbecker and the Canadian Arab Federation’s Mohamed ElRashidy discuss the potential political consequences for Canada’s hardline stance on Palestinian UN statehood.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: is Egypt descending? – Evan Solomon. Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs Prof. Janice Stein and Mohamed El Rashidy discuss the aftermath of the assault on the Muslim Brotherhood protests in Rabaa and Al Nahda. Is civil war beginning? Will unprecedented violence spin out of control?
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: McCain calls US involvement in Syria – Director of Munk School of Global Affairs & Mohamed El Rashidy CAF, with Evan Solomon discuss significance of Senator McCain’s call for US involvement in Syrian civil war.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: on riots in Muslim world after anti-Islam
    film – Mohamed El Rashidy & Sr. Diplomacy correspondent Raghida Dergham on riots in Muslim world after anti-Islam film. US and Western relations with Muslim world.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: Egypt’s Presidential Election – Mohamed El Rashidy analyzing lead up to final vote for Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president. How did we get here and what is likely to happen if either candidate wins?
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: raid on Osama bin Laden hideout – Evan Solomon on the raid on Osama Bin Laden hideout. Repercussions for US, West, Al Qaeda, War on Terror and Arab Spring.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: Gaza conflict at outset – Evan Solomon, Mohamed El Rashidy, Michael Bell discuss regional tensions around Gaza.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: Egypt’s historic vote – Canadian Arab Federation director Mohamed El Rashidy and Munk School of Global Affairs director Janice Stein discuss Egypt’s historic first presidential election.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: on Gaza Violence – Mohamed El Rashidy of CAF and Jonathan Kay of National Post on Gaza/Israel ceasefire aftermath.
  • Talklocal Panel on Egypt Crisis – Part 1/4, Part 2/4, Part 3/4, Part 4/4 
  • Square Off: Egypt Rejoices the Day Mubarak is forced to step down – Part 1/2, Part 2/2 – Atif Kubursi, John Thompson and Mohamed El Rashidy square off on the situation in Egypt just as its president of 30 years steps down.
  • CBC’s Power and Politics: How Should the West React to Changes in Middle East? – Mubarak is gone, Qaddafi is increasingly isolated in Tripoli, how should the West approach the region with the changes going on? What options does it have? TV show host M. Coren and Mohamed El Rashidy debate.
  • CTV: Egypt Welcomes New Era – Egyptians celebrate their victory over Mubarak. Will their victory be hijacked or will this movement be hijacked?
  • Square Off: Predictions at start of Egypt Crisis – After millions of Egyptians take to the streets, President Mubarak responds with a defiant speech that only promises the appointment of a new government and Vice president. What will happen next? What will satisfy the protesters? Can Mubarak survive? Mohamed El Rashidy, a director with the Canadian Arab Federation analyzes the crisis and explains what will unfold over the next ten days.