CTV News – Impact of Hate Crimes – Canada responds united

CTV’s Todd Van der Heyden and CAF’s legal advisor & KSM lawyer Mohamed El Rashidy discuss the spike in hate crimes across Canada. The impact it had on the Muslim community, the response by the community along with the rest of Canadians.

About the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF)
The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) was formed in 1967 to represent the interests of Arab Canadians with respect to the formulation of public policy in Canada. It presently consists of over 40 member organizations.

About Mohamed El Rashidy
Mohamed El Rashidy represents clients in criminal, quasi-criminal as well as civil matters. He has appeared before various courts and tribunals in Ontario. A Lawyer and Community Activist, Mohamed has appeared in various media outlets over the years and continues to be heavily involved in community advocacy.
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